On Buffalo –

Too many of yours, mine, and ours got shot down this weekend.

In Buffalo, Chicago, Houston, Laguna Woods, and Milwaukee. How many? Any is too many. Nevermind the numbers. They only make your eyes glaze instead of crying the tears they should. Those shot span the rainbow, and they all bled red.

The issues at the root of the shooting should not be viewed as just black and white (except in Buffalo).

What is a matter of black and white is the need for sensibility, sanity, and solutions. Sensibility in our gun laws and their enforcement. Sanity in the sense of caring for (and about!) the mentally ill. And solutions that help connect those dots so that fewer of yours, mine, and ours get shot.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support common sense background checks that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and domestic abusers.

And that’s only the top line.

The bottom line is the need to address underlying issues: poverty, dysfunctional healthcare systems, and the rhetoric (expressed in dog whistles, bullhorns, and bullwhips) of rotten-at-the-root ultra right-wing Republicans.

You deserve a representative who will hold the line and put all of your interests first. In order to suit up for the home team, I need your help. Please consider volunteering for or making a donation to our campaign.

Texas needs a fighter willing to defend your rights at any cost. Put me in the game.


Your advocate,

Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell, Candidate for HD132