On the Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court draft opinion that was leaked on Monday demonstrates the vast overreach and ruthless power grab of the Political Right, reaching down into the most intimate and personal aspects of citizen’s lives. “The Right,” embodied by the Republican Party, does this against the will of the people they are sworn to represent. Let me make it clear, abortion is a personal decision between an individual, their family, their faith, and their doctor, and has been since 1973. It is up to us — politicians and constituents alike, starting at the local level — to use our voice and our vote to protect our legal rights. The Supreme Court stands poised to trigger the worst of what Texas Republicans have already decided. In football we often say, “the best defense is a good offense,” words originally attributed to one of our founding fathers. Today it is clear, our best defense against the violation of our civil rights and human rights is to remove Republicans from power, and I intend do so in HD132. You deserve a representative who will hold the line and put all of your interests first. In order to suit up for the home team, I need your help. Please consider volunteering for or donating to our campaign. Texas needs a fighter willing to defend your rights at any cost. Put me in the game.   Your advocate,   Cameron “Coach Cam” Campbell, Candidate for HD132